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GALAXY Staff Top Picks 2016

Posted January 18, 2017


GALAXY Staff Top Picks for 2016

Our well-read GALAXY Staff members tell us their top three faves for 2016.

GALAXY Staff Top Picks


Stranger of Tempest: The God Fragments #1

Stranger of Tempest: The God Fragments #1

Tom Lloyd

Dark humour, well-crafted, broken characters and detailed world, alchemy bullets in long rifles and well-written fun. Craig


The Hanging Tree: Rivers of London #6

The Hanging Tree: Rivers of London #6

Ben Aaronovitch

It’s so satisfying to be back in this world. One of the best Urban Fantasies out there. Craig


Foreign Devils: Incorruptibles #2

Foreign Devils:The Incorruptibles #2

John Hornor Jacobs

I can’t describe this series in any way that makes it sound good - Western, Roman, Demon-Punk with old school Fantasy races - so you’ll just have to trust me - it is very, very good. Craig




Dirt on Ninth Grave: Charley Davidson #9

Dirt on Ninth Grave: Charley Davidson #9

Darynda Jones

Just as funny and hot as the rest of the series, familiar characters in Ninth Grave's unusual setting made it feel warm and homey, despite its departure from the overarching plot. Allison


Promise of Fire: Kingmaker Trilogy #1

Promise of Fire: Kingmaker Trilogy #1

Amanda Bouchet

Greek fantasy romance with a feisty heroine, powerful hero, lots of humour, action and heat. My favourite read of the year! Allison


The Star Touched Queen #1

The Star Touched Queen

Roshani Chokshi

Hades and Persephone myth steeped in Indian folklore, retold in a very beautiful, lyrical style that Nalini Singh's readers will enjoy. Allison






Jay Kristoff

Brutal, bloody, lots of fun and definitely not YA. If the beginning seems a little ‘meh’, stick with it. It’s worth it. Gwyn


Artefact: Lazarus War #1

Artefact: Lazarus War #1

Jamie Sawyer

Fast-paced military sci-fi where soldiers drive clones of themselves (think Avatar) into battle against an unrelenting alien enemy. Gwyn


The Waking Fire: Draconis Memoria #1

The Waking Fire: Draconis Memoria #1

Anthony Ryan

Ryan’s new series is set in a Steam-punkish world where magic comes from imbibing the blood of different types of Drake. Well-written characters, well-developed world and a compelling story. Gwyn






Alexandra Bracken

Become a willing passenger through time as the musician Etta struggles to remain ahead in a game spanning centuries. Tamara


A Head Full of Ghosts

A Head Full of Ghosts

Paul Tremblay

Calculated and creepy, this combines reality TV and demonic possession into a psychological thriller that will hold you ensnared to the very end. Tamara


The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories

The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories

Ken Liu

Delve into Ken Liu’s extraordinary menagerie with fifteen provocative science fiction, fantasy and Chinese folklore tales that invite speculation into the concepts of family, identity and morality. Tamara


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