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John Flanagan signing Scorpion Mountain at Galaxy Bookshop 131 York Street, Sydney


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Featured Titles

Ancillary Sword: Imperial Radch #2

Ancillary Sword: Imperial Radch...

Ann Leckie

Science Fiction » Science


Breq - the soldier who used to be a spaceship - is serving the emperor she swore to destroy. [more]
The Fell Sword: Traitor Son Cycle #2

The Fell Sword: Traitor Son Cycle...

Miles Cameron

Fantasy » Mythological Creatures, People & Places


Loyalty costs money. Betrayal, on the other hand, is free. When the Emperor is taken hostage, the Red...[more]
Raising Steam: Discworld #40

Raising Steam: Discworld #40...

Terry Pratchett...

Fantasy » Epic Fantasy


It's all change for Moist von Lipwig, swindler, conman, and (naturally) head of the Royal Bank and Post...[more]
The Frood: The Authorised and Very Official History of Douglas Adams & the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The Frood: The Authorised and...

Jem Roberts

Reference » SF Reference


Tells the story of Douglas Adams' explosive but agonizingly constructed fictional universe, from his initial...[more]
Valour: Faithful and the Fallen #2

Valour: Faithful and the Fallen...

John Gwynne

Fantasy » Mythological Creatures, People & Places


Compared to David Gemmell and George R. R Martin, John Gwynne's first novel Malice was called a 'Hell...[more]
Living Language: Dothraki (Game of Thrones)

Living Language: Dothraki (Game...

David Peterson

Fantasy » Mythological Creatures, People & Places


Fans of the hit HBO series  Game of Thrones  can now learn the Dothraki language.[more]
Dreamer's Pool: Blackthorn & Grim #1

Dreamer's Pool: Blackthorn &...

Juliet Marillier...

Fantasy » Irish


Interweaving magic, myth, folklore and romance, Juliet Marillier casts a spellbinding vision of ancient...[more]
The Abyss Beyond Dreams: Chronicle of the Fallers #1

The Abyss Beyond Dreams: Chronicle...

Peter F. Hamilton...

Science Fiction » Science


When images of a lost civilisation are 'dreamed' by a self-proclaimed prophet of the age, Nigel Sheldon,...[more]
The Slow Regard of Silent Things: Kingkiller Chronicle #2.5

The Slow Regard of Silent Things:...

Patrick Rothfuss...

Fantasy » Epic Fantasy


The University, a renowned bastion of knowledge, attracts the brightest minds to unravel the mysteries...[more]
Mrs Bradshaw's Handbook: To Travelling Upon the Ankh-Morpork & Sto Plains Hygienic Railway

Mrs Bradshaw's Handbook: To Travelling...

Terry Pratchett...

Fantasy » Epic Fantasy


Offers a guide to the destinations and diversions of the railway deserves a place in the luggage of any...[more]
A Slip of the Keyboard: Collected Non-Fiction

A Slip of the Keyboard: Collected...

Terry Pratchett...

Fantasy » Short Stories


Brings together the finest examples of author's non fiction writing, both serious and surreal: from musings...[more]
Steampunk: Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol

Steampunk: Charles Dickens' A...

Zdenko Basic

Fantasy » Cultural & Period Fantasy


Dickens' A Christmas Carol is brought to life with Steampunk-inspired illustrations in this ultra-deluxe...[more]
Dalek (Blue) 5" Glass Xmas Ornament (Doctor Who)

Dalek (Blue) 5" Glass Xmas Ornament...

Xmas Ornament

Doctor Who » Dr Who Merchandise


It's never too early to get into the festive spirit! Make a statement on your next Christmas tree with...[more]
Seventh Grave and No Body: Charley Davidson #7

Seventh Grave and No Body: Charley...

Darynda Jones

Paranormal Romance » Demonic


Following up from Sixth Grave on the Edge, Charley Davidson is back and she's ready to reap.[more]
The Martian

The Martian

Andy Weir

Science Fiction » Space


I'm stranded on Mars. I have no way to communicate with Earth. I'm in a Habitat designed to last 31 days....[more]
The Whispering Skull: Lockwood & Co #2

The Whispering Skull: Lockwood...

Jonathan Stroud...

Fantasy » Urban Fantasy


Lucy and George are trying to solve the mystery of the talking skull trapped in their ghost jar, while...[more]
Closer to Home: Herald Spy #1

Closer to Home: Herald Spy #1...

Mercedes Lackey...

Fantasy » Epic Fantasy


Mags was once an enslaved orphan living a harsh life in the mines, until the King's Own Herald discovered...[more]
Harry Potter: The Creature Vault

Harry Potter: The Creature Vault...

Jody Revenson

Fantasy » Mythological Creatures, People & Places


Features Dementors and Goblins, Merpeople and Chinese Fireball Dragons - magical creatures and frightening...[more]
Doctor Who TARDIS Umbrella

Doctor Who TARDIS Umbrella



Any Doctor Who fan is going to need one of these TARDIS umbrellas to keep themselves dry. Unfortunately...[more]
The Blood of Olympus: Heroes of Olympus #5

The Blood of Olympus: Heroes...

Rick Riordan

Fantasy » Mythological Creatures, People & Places


Though the Greek and Roman crew members of the Argo II have made progress in their many quests, they still...[more]
Acts of Contrition: Star Trek - Voyager

Acts of Contrition: Star Trek...

Kirsten Beyer

Star Trek » Voyager


An original novel set in the universe of Star Trek: Voyager-timed to publish with the upcoming 20th anniversary...[more]
A Call to Duty: Manticore Ascendant #1

A Call to Duty: Manticore Ascendant...

David Weber

Science Fiction » Aliens


Growing up, Travis Uriah Long yearned for order and discipline in his life - the two things his neglectful...[more]
The Peripheral

The Peripheral

William Gibson

Science Fiction » Science


Some time around the year 2020, in a trailer park in the Deep South, a young woman witnesses a murder....[more]
Shovel Ready: Spademan #1

Shovel Ready: Spademan #1

Adam Sternbergh...

Science Fiction » Future Society


Working as a hit man on the ravaged streets of New York City after a dirty bomb is unleashed on Times...[more]
The Copper Promise

The Copper Promise

Jen Williams

Fantasy » Epic Fantasy


There are some tall stories about the caverns beneath the Citadel - about magic and mages and monsters...[more]
Starhawk: Engines of God #7

Starhawk: Engines of God #7

Jack McDevitt

Science Fiction » Science


From Nebula-Award winning Jack McDevitt comes the thrilling, edge-of-your-seat tale of interstellar pilot...[more]


Stephen Baxter

Science Fiction » Science


An awe-inspiring Planetary Romance from the author of Flood and the epic Xeelee sequence[more]
Mitosis: Reckoners #1.5

Mitosis: Reckoners #1.5

Brandon Sanderson...

Science Fiction » Science


From the bestselling author of Words of Radiance, co-author of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series and...[more]
Doctor Who: The Official Annual 2015

Doctor Who: The Official Annual...


Doctor Who » Dr Who Merchandise


Presents essential info on the brand-new Twelfth Doctor, secrets from series 8, terrifying monster fact...[more]
Star Trek: Pop ups

Star Trek: Pop ups

Courtney Watson...

Star Trek » Original Series


Delivers seven iconic Star Trek images in a new way popping off the page in three dimensions. From the...[more]
The Steampunk User's Manual: An Illustrated Practical and Whimsical Guide to Creating Retro-Futurist Dreams

The Steampunk User's Manual:...

Jeff VanderMeer...

Media » Other Film, TV & Media


From the author of the bestselling Steampunk Bible, a practical and inspirational volume on making your...[more]
Star Wars Tie Fighter Metal Bottle Opener
This bottle opener is right on your tail! Bottled beverages won't stand a chance against this solid metal...[more]
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